Do you believe in born-actors?

We don't.

We believe a Class Act is bred, not born.

Class Act is a series of Acting Workshops by Daminee Benny Basu looking to engage actors, performers, artists and anyone in learning or thinking deeply about issues that would help them in breaking the set patterns of their own comfort zones.

This workshop involves modules inspired by the psychophysical ritualistic approach towards the body, breath, activation, and performance. In parallel, built around a post-Method approach it will simultaneously deconstruct myths about “Acting” based on ideas of superficial emulation.

This work draws its core strength from the Eric Morris System of acting, and it has two parts to it: The Instrument and the Craft. The Instrument is YOU. Eric’s system has numerous exercises that make it possible for an actor to eliminate tension, fear, self-consciousness, inhibitions, emotional blocks and other obstacles, so he can achieve a BEING state. From this state of being, the actor can use the craft to create truth on stage or for the camera thereby achieving experiential acting.

This regime would push them hard to step beyond the Method frames by drawing on a number of issues that handicap a performer like social and mental stigmas, image consciousness and basic misunderstanding of their own physical and cognitive capabilities.

Class Actors shall learn to break prejudices, unlearn their set moves and explore their mind, body, posture, diction, fear, expression and mould to connect to their individual BEING state as actors, or in a larger sense, BE unique individual artists in their own right.


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